WellTube.im is based in the Isle of Man, a unique Island Nation and certified UNESCO Biosphere. With abundant space, clean air and diverse wild life, it’s an easy place to be truly well in: mind, body and spirit.

This age of chemical health has brought with it un-sustainable costs and complex adverse effects. Not just an ill for every pill, many are suffering the debilitating harms of multiple medicines: But ’Poly’ Pharmacy has had her day.

Our channel will access Global ideas that develop and maintain human and animal Wellness. We seek a shared learning among us all, from: “around the world in 80 ways”. More a philosophy, than a rigid protocol.

Natural Botanicals are the cornerstone of Wellness as we become what we eat – planting the seeds of the strong body and kind heart.

Be Well,

Courtenay Heading

WellTube – Founder